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Our company was founded with a mission to continually research and develop cutting-edge solutions and novel advancements in biotechnology to introduce the very best scientific approaches to oral health care.

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A Growing Concern in the Oral Care Industry

Periodontal disease is a pathological inflammatory condition of the gum and bone support (periodontal tissues) surrounding the teeth.

One of the major concerns in the oral care industry continues to be the growing prevalence of periodontal disease. The Center for Disease Control estimates that some form of periodontal disease is prevalent in almost half of all adults age 30 and older.

Current​ research has also shown that periodontal disease has been linked to certain cancers, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and other systemic pathologies.

The Issue
why mmp inhibition?


While researching the effects of the inflammatory response, we discovered that a certain combination of natural antioxidants inhibits the progression of these destructive enzymes (MMPs) and restores them to normal levels.

This proprietary and award-winning combination of antioxidants, called PolyLeaf™, is naturally derived from pomegranates, sumacs, and peony flowers.

Our Products
science + nature

Our mission is to incorporate our novel technology, PolyLeaf™, into a suite of oral care products that will not only target the bacterial insult in periodontal disease, but also the destructive enzymes (MMPs) produced in the body’s response, resulting in the most effective solution to oral disease and oral care on the market today.


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